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Brave Little Engine


This colorful engine has a powerful motor that helps it to climb hills and ramps. The on/off button on top can be easily operated by little fingers. A great addition to your Hape rail set.

Railway Bucket Builder Set


This great train set lets you build your own town! Unpack everything from the storage box then use the lid to create a cool little town for your passengers and cargo to move through! Item #: 3764

Mining Loader Set


Use the magnetic crane to keep this mining rail set running smoothly! Pick up loads of ore from the back of the truck. Then drop them into the loader and onto the waiting train. Item #: E3756

Mighty Mountain Mine


Drive your train from the surface of a mighty mountain into the busy mine operating deep inside! This multi-level play-set provides the ultimate wooden-railway experience and includes a waterfall tunnel, an obstacle bridge, a crane, a conveyor belt and a repair station! Item #: E3753

Propeller Engine


Is it a plane or a train? This fun propeller engine combines elements of both types of transport for a novel play experience. Powered by two AAA batteries, the engine's propeller spins when either forward or reverse gears are chosen. Item #: E3750

Light and Sound Mountain Tunnel Set


This rocky mountain tunnel is a great addition to your Hape Railway sets! With infrared activated lights and sounds! Item #: 3739  

Police Car with Siren


A thief is on the loose. Put on the light and siren and send this police car to the scene! Features removeable figurines and a mobile jail cell. Item #: E3738

Emergency Services HQ


Keep the roads and railways safe with this emergency services set. Features police and fire brigade headquarters and vehicles. Item #: E3736

Race Car Transporter


It’s race day and time to get your cars to the track! Use the ramp to load cars onto the transporter, then drive it to the race track. Item #: E3735

Crossing and Crate Set


Watch out! When the safety gate comes down the train is coming. This realistic rail cargo set includes a working magnetic crane, a train, a level crossing, a tipper truck and adjustable safety signals. Item #: E3732

Cargo Delivery Loop


People are waiting for their cargo! Use the magnetic crane to load containers onto the train. Then press the button on the engine to drive around the oval track and make deliveries. Item #: E3731

Busy City Rail Set


Train tracks aren’t just for passenger trains. There’s freight to deliver, too! This complete city-themed rail set features a passenger and a freight train, a station, automatic gates, a bridge and much more! Item #: E3730

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