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Alligator Alligator



Our cuddly Alligator will swamp you with affection! This realistically rendered puppet, with his silk-screened velour and velveteen body and soft plastic teeth, crouches at the riverbank ready to make a splash in your home! Special Features: Movable mouth Item #: 2130 Length: 24" Long Width: 13" Wide Height: 2" Tall Weight: 7.36 oz 

Around the Farm Sound Puzzle


8-piece wooden sound peg puzzle with realistic farm sounds Sounds play when pieces are lifted, stop when they are replaced Lift a piece to reveal new picture of an activity happening in each area of the farm Encourages motor and auditory processing skills, problem solving, and narrative thinking 2+ years AAA batteries not included Item #32800 Specs Product: 8.75" x...

Baby Black Bear Baby Black Bear

Baby Black Bear


This familiar face from the woodlands of North America could charm the honey from the bees. One of our original designs, the Baby Black Bear puppet's popularity still runs strong. With his soft fur and sweet face, you'll love him, too. Special Features: Movable head and arms Item #: 2232 Length: 5" Long Width: 6" Wide Height: 9" Tall Weight: 4 oz

Black Cat Black Cat

Black Cat


Feline fans don't care much about superstition when it comes to the new Black Cat puppet. Stretched out and ready for playtime, this cool kitten has sleek, short, ebony plush with movable mouth and front legs. Intense eyes convey that this cat means business to any who dare cross its path. Special Features: Movable mouth and forelegs. Item #: 2987...

Bobcat Kitten Bobcat Kitten

Bobcat Kitten


The Folkmanis® Bobcat Kitten puppet is a handful of furry fun. Sweet and soft with brown and tan spotted plush, this wide-eyed critter has movable mouth and legs for multiple ways to play. Special Features: Movable mouth and all legs Item #: 3158 Length: 10" Long Width: 5" Wide Height: 9" Tall Weight: 3.36 oz  

Bug-Catching Magnetic Puzzle Game


Includes 10 magnetic bug pieces and magnetic net. Adorable artwork in bright, eye-catching colors Pictures under pieces to encourage matching skills A creative way to encourage eye-hand and fine motor development. Sturdy wooden construction Item #3779 Specs Product: 1" x 9" x 12" Packaged 0.85 lbs Package: 11.6" H x 8.4" W x 0.35" L

Chameleon Chameleon



Eye-catching and fly-catching! Our shimmery green Chameleon puppet has no need to hide. True to life eyes can be moved independently while its lightning fast tongue darts forth to nab prey. Hand enters from underneath. Item #: 2215 Length: 18" Long Width: 6" Wide Height: 11" Tall Weight: 7.68 oz



Chelsea is a cute and cuddly 14-inch calico kitty that's sure to warm any cat lover's heart. Soft and accurately patterned, multi-color plush body with beads in the paws make Chelsea a perfectly poseable playtime ... More PLUSH CHELSEA CAT: Chelsea is a cute calico kitty who loves to cuddle and play! Soft accurately patterned, plush body with beads in the...

Cocco, 14 Inches


Cocco is a cute and cuddly 14-inch chocolate lab pup that's sure to become any dog lover's new best friend. Breed enthusiasts and owners in particular will love the accurate, warm brown coloring of her ... More CHOCOLATE LAB PLUSH: Cocco is a cute and cuddly puppy ready to go to his furever home! Breed enthusiasts and owners will love the...

Crocodile Stage Puppet Crocodile Stage Puppet

Crocodile Stage Puppet


The Crocodile Stage Puppet features an easily animated mouth and operable arms. Design details include soft sculpted plush with molded claws and teeth and a lots of fun to snap! Special Features: Movable mouth Item #: 2559 Length:8" Long Width:4" Wide Height:13" Tall Weight:4.64 oz.

Donkey Stage Puppet Donkey Stage Puppet

Donkey Stage Puppet


With Amazing lifelike details and an easy to use movable mouth, this toothy DONKEY STAGE PUPPET is ready to bray and play! Special Features: Movable mouth Item #:2908 Length: 11" Long Width: 5.5" Wide Height: 16" Tall Weight: 5.12 oz

Duckling Duckling



It's a classic springtime sight, a line of fluffy yellow ducklings waddling after mom. Operate the beak and wings of this baby DUCKLING PUPPET for a little springtime all year 'round. Duckling puppet measures 9-inches tall, is recommended for ages 3 and up. Special Features: Movable beak and wings. Item #: 2922 Length: 10" Long Width :6" Wide Height: 9" Tall Weight: 3.36...

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