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Color Cord Bracelets


Everything you need to make 8 super-trendy paracord bracelets - create a bracelet for every mood. Kit includes neon and rainbow cords, colorful bracelet buckles, glue, scissors and match -your-mood stickers. Clever box design doubles as a handy work station. Craft together with friends or give them out as gifts. Super strong paracord, the sturdy knotting technique, buckles and heavy...

Wee Enchanted Fairy Garden


With a little creative magic, you can grow your own enchanted fairy world. Garden set includes an 11" diameter flower shaped gardening dish, enchanted flower house, tiny gemstone treasures, flowers, butterflies, paint, soil and seeds that grow like magic. Finish off your garden with a friendly fairy, a sparkling garden path and teeny tiny toadstools. Creativity for Kids launched the...

Mini Butterfly, Monarch Finger Puppet


The sheer wings of this finger puppet, silk screened with the realistic orange and black markings of the Monarch Butterfly, flutter gracefully up and down with the motion of your hand. Its stretchy nylon fabric body fits fingers of many sizes Item #: 2156 Length:4" Long Weight:2.08 oz.

Dutch Rabbit


This incredibly soft Mommy Dutch rabbit feels like a real bunny. With cream and coffee colored markings and the design of the ears and haunches, she looks like she could hop off at any moment. She has to be held to be believed. Ultra huggable. Special Features: Movable head and arms Item #: 2568 Length: 9" Long Width: 6" Wide Height: 10" Tall...

Zebra Stage Puppet


The Zebra Stage Puppet features an easily animated mouth and lots of expression! Design details include a leatherette nose, soft vintage-look plush with beautiful striping and a distinctive black and white mane. Special Features: Movable mouth Item #: 2565 Length: 8" Long Width: 5" Wide Height: 13" Tall Weight: 4.32 oz

Mini Turtle Finger Puppet


This MINI TURTLE loves to play peek-a-boo or just crawl around. Three fingers fit inside to move the head and front legs for a realistic effect. Item #: 2732

Winged Mini Piglet Finger Puppet


When pigs fly? The time is now! This velvety little piggy defies the laws of gravity. With a magnets in their noses, two of them can kiss or hang on to your refrigerator. Item #: 2685 Length:3.5" Long Weight:0.48 oz.

Scarlet Macaw


Parrot lovers will caw over this handsomely colored Scarlet Macaw puppet. Easier to teach than the real thing, his vocabulary can be polite or as bold as his colors! Hand enters from under the tail to animate the beak and body. Special Features: Movable beak Item #: 2362 Length: 5" Long Width: 7" Wide Height: 25" Tall Weight: 12.16 oz

Little Rabbit, Lop


Folkmanis® Little Puppets are especially sized for children and have the same attention to detail that you have come to expect from Folkmanis® products. A cuddle bunny ready to snuggle, the LITTLE LOP RABBIT has movable mouth and forelegs for storytelling fun. With angora-soft fur, you'll want to keep her close for warm hugs! Special Features: Movable mouth and paws....

Lion Stage Puppet


The Lion Stage Puppet features an easily animated mouth and operable paws. Design details include textured paw-pads; thread whiskers, molded claws and teeth, soft vintage-look plush and a very expressive personality! Special Features: Movable mouth Item #: 2562 Length: 6" Long Width: 4" Wide Height: 13" Tall Weight: 5.12 oz

Little Hare


A beautiful hare right out of the storybooks to share adventures with. Special Features: Movable mouth and paws. Item #: 2931 Length: 5" Long Width: 5" Wide Height: 10" Tall Weight: 1.44 oz

Yorick the Jester


The JESTER puppet, named YORICK, is a bundle of fun just as his real-life counterpart would be. Designed wearing vibrant red-purple-and-gold outfit and hat, the Jester is 18-inches tall and a two-handed puppet. Special Features: Movable mouth and hands Item #: 2894 Height:18" Tall Weight:6.24 oz

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